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healthy diet tips and fast

healthy diet tips and fast

healthy diet tips and quick - Be aware of the many health hazards that can be generated from smoking, then you are determined to stop this habit. healthy diet and quick tips can overcome the bad habit of smoking, many ways you try to stop it was like using a nicotine patch, hypnotizing yourself to stop smoking, to consume certain drugs.

The transition from the process of course can disrupt your determination to quit smoking. Therefore prevent this disorder with healthy diet tips and quick with:
Milk, celery, carrots, and fruit consumed before smoking can cause a bitter taste in the mouth, which in turn can eliminate your desire to smoke.
Foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, guava, and berries can eliminate your desire to smoke. This happens because when you smoke, cigarettes eliminate the supply of vitamin C in the body. So that when the supply of vitamin C is met, then you will be free from the desire to smoke.
When the urge to smoke arises, immediately put a pinch of salt on the tip of your tongue. This method is effective to kill the urge to smoke.
Chewing gum can also stop the urge to smoke. These activities will make your mouth stays busy chewing, so the desire to smoke will disappear.

In addition to the above, avoid alcohol, caffeine, or red meat. Because these foods will only further raises the desire to smoke. good luck hopefully the bad habit of smoking disappear so ideal body slim and healthy.

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