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How to make a natural diet drug

How to make a natural diet drug

How to make a natural diet pills - Chris Gentilviso always felt shocked every time the mirror and see fat body. But with a strong will he finally discover proven strategies that make losing weight 11 kg.

Chris realized that he spent his youth by eating unhealthy foods until weight reached 92.99 kg and doctors began to commemorate order to lose a few kilograms of weight.

His first effort was it created its own healthy breakfast with a cup of cereal Wheat Chex mix mixed banana and peanut butter plus Smucker that do not have trans fats that are healthier. Breakfast is coupled with a glass of fresh orange juice with a little sugar.

He was getting rid of condiments including ketchup instant that the high sugar content. Instead he made his own spice blend consisting of garlic, apple vinegar and pepper. As well as he limited himself by not eating more calories after 8 pm.

After making a successful diet recipes for food he realizes that it is less than perfect if not balanced with exercise at all. Chris also designed the sports movement in his own house to burn fat.

Only with a few small barbell, he made a motion ranging combination of isometric arm curl (bending the arm) to crunch or sit-ups to train the abdominal muscles. He tried to keep a consistent exercise.

Although seemingly going well, there are times when he had bored. If so he would stop for a moment from the diet and always come back to the healthy lifestyle. Within a year milailah visible results.

Chris weight loss was down to 81.65 kg and waist circumference shrank be 86.36 cm. He also proved that with hard work and willpower, losing weight is not impossible.

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